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Main Session Descriptions

Main Session 1



What would you say if an atheist challenged your deepest convictions about God and the Bible? In this session Sean role plays an atheist, raises tough questions against the faith by taking live questions from the audience, and then steps out of character and helps the audience reflect on the experience. This is a hands-on experience where you will walk away motivated and equipped to more lovingly and intelligently make a case for Christianity.

Main Session 2



The problem of evil and suffering is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges raised against God. Christians must respond empathetically, but also with truth. Sean begins this session by providing a helpful road map for personally helping people who are suffering. He then tackles the intellectual challenge of evil, showing that the existence of evil itself is actually a positive proof for the existence of God, and that the so-called “problem of evil” does not pose a trenchant problem for the Christian faith.

Main Session 3

We are in the midst of a gender revolution. People are reconsidering gender norms and wrestling with what this means for families, schools, sports, health care, the church, and many other social institutions. In this presentation, Sean compares and contrasts the worldview behind this new revolution with the historic Christian faith. It is only when we understand the worldview behind transgenderism that we can wisely address some of the difficult practical issues capturing the cultural conversation today.

Main Session 4

Question and Answer


During this time Sean will address as many questions as possible.


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